Scientist Training Programme (STP) Scheme

The NHS employs Clinical Scientists who work in scientific roles within hospitals. The NHS Scientist Training Programme (STP) is a three-year scheme of work-based learning, supported by a University accredited master’s degree, which trains graduates to become registered Clinical Scientists.

The CSC team now offers a new STP specialism in Clinical Scientific Computing.

Trainees will be based at Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust (GSTT) working within the CSC team. Trainees will learn about the use and development of AI in healthcare, including the ethical use of clinical data, to improve patient care and outcomes.

Beyond GSTT, the CSC team is also a core member of the London Medical Imaging & AI Centre for Value Based Healthcare. This allows STP trainees to learn in a globally unique environment by not only giving them access to the world’s largest supercomputer dedicated to healthcare, but also being an integral part of the entire AI product lifecycle from research and development, to procurement and post-market analysis.

Trainees who specialise in Clinical Scientific Computing will gain a variety of skills including:

How to apply

For more information on how to apply, please refer to the National School of Healthcare Science (NSHS) Applicants page here. Typically, the process consists of three stages:

As applicants are only able to apply for one specialty, you will need to refer to the STP Specialisms available each year. Typically, those interested in working with our team should apply for those within the Physical Sciences and Informatics themes, specifically Clinical Scientific Computing.


The STP Trainers section of the NSHCS website is kept up to date with new information and resources.

We’ve covered all of the essentials on working with the 2022 curriculum, this includes:
changes to rotations which now provide trainees with an understanding of their specialty and the wider healthcare environment around them,

This information is also available as 30-minute recorded webinars which focus on:

The curriculum and in particular the rotations now have a greater emphasis on reflective practice. We discuss reflective practice in the context of IACC which will also support you preparing for rotations and we’ll be providing more resources designed to support the rotations soon.

Our commitment to STP training

We STP trainers and supervisors completed the STP programme ourselves, so we’re acutely aware of it challenges. We’re committed to continuously improving the experience for each new STP trainee. We will: